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Welcome To Vastu Shastra!

Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana is an online astrology platform, which often gets queries related to the best direction for house and office. And also, suggestions about the construction of commercial or residential space in a right way along with simple vastu ideas to stay peacefully. Therefore, answering your queries and offering assistance to make you understand vastu shastra accurately is our pleasure. 

Here we’ve addressed interesting vastu suggestions and motive to always confirm you the right path as is your one-stop encyclopedia on the subject of astrology. In addition to vastu shastra, our wide range of astrology services include – palmistry, aura colors, card reading, marriage predictions, and general astrology. Our team of certified astrologers will offer you assistance to choose the right astrological remedies (gemstones or rudraksha) to achieve ultimate success in your personal and professional career. Hence, if you’ve any questions related to your career growth, you can ask us questions to get exact solutions at nominal charges. 

vastu shastra

What Is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient architectural science, which was originated in India. It directs the building design and construction scientifically as governed universally. This systematic architectural concept was invented almost an age ago, and it primarily provides information about what points to consider while purchasing a property. The word “vastu” means “site” and “shastra” refers to “science”. 

And so, seeking vastu suggestions would positively assist you whenever you are planning to rent or purchase a property. This scientific vastu consultation is mainly recommended if you are often coming across problems in the workplace or residence. Furthermore, you can eliminate negativity and encourage good vibes within your space with certified vastu consultation. 

Importance of Directions In Vastu Shastra

Directions are extremely important in vastu as it plays a significant role to support you to stay peacefully or stressful. The best knowledge of directions are imperative whenever you are planning construction work according to vastu. As of today, a magnetic compass is used to check the right directions of the house or office. In total there’re ten directions but to check with a modern instrument, you can measure only eight courses. For every certified plot, you need to clearly understand its measurement. 
That’s important to understand the effects of directions to technologically balance the diverse forces. To understand what vastu shastra actually means, you mainly need to sketch what each course represents –

  • North is a woman member to signify wealth and prosperity,
  • South is a chief (woman) member to represent wealth and enjoyment, 
  • East is a male member to symbolize wisdom and possessions,
  • West is a major (male) member to signify prosperity, popularity, and reputation

Furthermore, you need to select the right colors, which are consistent with the planets and elements. This is significant to encourage positivity within yourself and eliminate all ill-effects of negativity. 

Does Religion Play A Role In Vastu Shastra?

The one-word answer is “no”, religion isn’t anyway related to vastu shastra or astrology. Because vastu shastra is an ancient architectural science as it is calculated as per universal rules of planetary systems. For more clarity, you are requested to seek our vastu expert’s advice ahead of planning to purchase a plot and commercial or residential space. 

What Are The Major Five Elements In Vastu Shastra?

Our universe is organized with numerous elements, which’ve either a positive or negative impact on us. The right equality of all the elements can make us sense satisfaction, prosperity, and peace of mind. Every rule related to vastu stands on various elements and paths (north, south, east, and west).

The right measures of all the above-mentioned elements are available on our planet only, which makes it suitable for life.  Let’s look for the importance of these five major elements in vastu shastra –


This important element of nature represents infinity and pathless. Our universe’s character comprises infinity, and so empty space in the center of your residences is considered as the sky. Your building’s center part should’ve an open space as it is a representation of Lord Brahma. The center portion should aid regular ventilation. 



This universal element represents the river, rain, and sea. The vastu shastra consider water as an element of the north-east direction. According to the flow of domestic water is concerned, make sure its moves out of north-east only. And also, install your aquarium or swimming pool in the north-east direction, as it is an ideal position to retain water. 


This foremost element of nature exerts maximum energy among others. That’s why it is important to consult vastu experts as plot’s soil and area, everything matters in vastu. The selection of a site is also considered very significant in vastu elements. Earth is one of the most important elements in vastu as it can influence our wellbeings. Make sure to accurately conduct an inspection of soil, site, plot, shape, and size ahead of purchasing.   


This particular element possesses great importance as our earth is entirely surrounded by air. Fresh air is an important source of healthy living. In vastu shastra, the air is an imperative element of the north-east. These are major directions for doors and windows to receive a good amount of positive energy. One should also ensure a sufficient supply of air in the western and southern parts of the house.  


This particular element comes with its own special importance, which means extreme energy sources. Fire is categorized as an element of the south-east, and also it is the origin of all sources of energy. It also represents passion, enthusiasm, and spirited vigor. Make sure your cooking room is positioned in the south-east as per vastu.