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Acharya Niddhi Tarot Wisdom 

The history of tarot cards reading is a mystic concept, as you can get no exact origin. Tarot cards are considered a significant tool for divination that’s constantly in use as immemorial. Tarot card reading is a unique approach to answer people’s questions in a genuine way or counsel people to predict individual upcoming events – major or minor arcana. Tarot cards are mainly used as interesting games to predict your upcoming happenings in life.

There are millions of tarot card readers serving all over the world nowadays but Acharya Niddhi is one of the best tarot cards reader in India. She incorporates spiritual coaching and manifest guidance into card reading as well. She works under the guidance of “Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana” has taken tarot card readings to the next level. Besides tarot card reading, gemstone suggestions, and palmistry, Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana even provides guidance to various other events and special occasions, such as – wedding and marriage predictions. 

Major areas where we can showcase our expertise in astrology include –  

  • Education & Career
  • Vsastu Shastra
  • Aura (Color of Human Nature)
  • Kundali Matching
  • Suggest Baby (Boy/ Girl) Names
  • House Set-up
  • Gemstone
  • Tarot Card Reading In Hindi & English

The Fool

The Fool represents a new start, inexperienced, various expectations, unknown about what to expect, suggest improvisation, and suppose in the universe. Upright Card: Beginnings, Innocence, Originality, Leap of Faith & Spontaneity Reversed Card: Folly, Chaos, Lack of Direction, Poor Judgment, Naivety & Stupidity


The Magician appears in a multiply, which is representing capabilities, aptitudes and resources to attain immediate growth and success. The message is to consider one’s overall potential whenever in need to transform things. Upright Card: Determined, Resourceful, Dexterity, Strong & Skilled Man Reversed Card: Confusion, Communication Blocks, Lack of Energy & Wrong Intentions


The High Priestess is a card of mystery, passivity, and stillness, which suggest it’s time to retreat and reflect upon the situation and show confidence in your inner instincts to guide your steps. Upright Card: Hidden Talents, Mystery, Intuition, Spiritual Insight & Things Yet to Be Revealed Reversed Card: Lack of Personal Harmony, Information Delayed & Secrets


The Empress is conventionally associated with maternal influence, and it’s a perfect card if you are planning to start a relations. This card represents creation of art, romance, or a professional career. Upright Card: New Opportunities, Maternal Care, Abundance, Pregnancy, Nurturing & Stability Reversed Card: Domestic Problems, Stagnation, Financial Issues & Unwanted Pregnancy


The Emperor is suggestive of stability and security in life. You are ruling and everything is under your control. This card means you are now in charge to set up your own rules and confines. Upright Card: Father Figure, Authority, Law & Order, Power, Leadership & Promotion Reversed Card: Immaturity, control Freak, Loss of Authority, Lack of Discipline & Manipulative Friends


The Hierophant represents custom and convention, and also marriage in an arranged set-up. This card also means counselor or educator, who will guide in education of the querent. Upright Card: Education, Learning, Religion, Marriage, Seeking Counsel/ Advice, Tradition & Spiritual Guidance Reversed Card: Breakdown, Abuse of Position, Poor Counsel & Rejection of Family Values


The Lovers represents new relationship and choices, which appears in a spread to indicate some steps about an existing relationship or choice of potential partners. Upright Card: Falling In Love, Being At Crossroads, Choices, Partnership & Commitment Reversed Card: Infidelity, Broken Relationship, Separation & Relationship Problems


The Chariot represents overcoming various conflicts related to personal or professional career, and ensuring positive choices. One should continue working as a commitment individual to attain success. Upright Card: Ambition, Overcoming Obstacles, Journey, Confidence, Drive & Will Power Reversed Card: Lack of Direction, Self Doubt & Scattered


Strength represents rising above some major problems or situations if life through the strength of character. This happy card is picked whenever you are struggling against illness, or recovering any major or minor injuries. Upright Card: Enjoying Power, Confidence, Potency, Inner Strength, Virility, Self-Belief & Vitality Reversed Card: Lack of Self-Control, Hedonism, Self-Doubt, Lack of Courage & Vanity


The Hermit indicates you are in a stage of introspection, where you are seeking inward attentions to search your own answers. This card represents you are in need of inner reflection, withstanding your current positions. Upright Card: Meditation, Introspection, Solitude, Self-Reflection, Soul-Searching & Withdrawn from Society Reversed Card: Loneliness, Exile, Sadness, Withdrawing Love Ones, Misfit


Wheel Of Fortune represents an element of change if the querent’s life that involves changes in position, station or upcoming activities. This card’s main purpose is to suggest revolving wheel of life. Upright Card: Changes, Good Luck, Destiny & Winning Reversed Card: Bad Luck, Misfortune, Disappointment, Unforeseen Setback & Mishap


Justice represents the right choice is made, which is a sword to cut the prevailing situations and will not get influenced anyway to ensure justice. Upright Card: Balance & Equilibrium, Fairness, Responsibility & Justice Reversed Card: Legal Flaws, Dishonesty, Lack of Accountability, Imbalance & Unfair Treatment

All You Need To Know About Tarot Card Reading

Do you always want to study tarot card reading? Then, you’ve reached the right platform. Here we will address everything you need to understand about cards and their role in fortune-telling. 

It’s believed that tarot card reading was originated from Egypt, and gradually introduced and grown popular among people who wanted to know about their future. A tarot deck has 78 cards and various card meanings. In the tarot deck, 22 cards are measured as the Major Arcana and the other 56 as the Minor Arcana with four suits – King, Queen, Knight, and Jack. The Major Arcana & Minor Arcana depicts important events and small upcoming activities respectively. 

How Does Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana Works?

Acharya Niddhi is our experienced card reader, who will start your reading by asking questions about segments you want to understand more. Her reading works as shuffling the cards and cut in a particular order to read your present or upcoming events, and so you need to select your own cards. Furthermore, clients can also ask for tarot card reading in Hindi to get the best help. She will interpret the select cards as per ancient and specific meanings along with specific messages, which is sometimes imperative to predict your goals. 

Our tarot card reading is renowned worldwide, which enables you to understand what’s about to come and underline what awaits you in the upcoming years. Acharya Niddhi card reading is popularly accurate, and so can predict your present or upcoming activities in the right way at minimum investments. However, because of timelines things are changing, and so it is important to seek regular readings.

Learn more about what tarot cards reading can offer you in upcoming years or so. 

Different Types of Acharya Niddhi Tarot Card Reading

Divination Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards are used to gain insight into current and upcoming situations of the subject. These cards assist to predict a creative and collective unconscious and subconscious mind of people, who are interested in knowing the future. 

Tarot As Mnemonic Devices

This mnemonic object is used to measure the world of major and minor arcana, which are required to convey the meaning of two sections of the tarot deck. The power of tarot card reading offers a clear idea of one’s most possibility in coming years – success or collapse – make sure to understand what you actually want to predict. 

Psychological Tarot Card Reading

The importance of psychological tarot card reading is immense if you want to scientifically read about your upcoming months and years in general. This scientific concept is applied in several psychological aids and important in various other situations when you want immediate solutions.