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The ruby is a precious gemstone, which is valued since antiquity as of its stunning gaze and attractive color. Most royal accessories and items were commonly adorned with rubies and other valuable gemstones. In astrology, ruby is connected with vibrations of the supreme power, who’s also the ruler of all the other planets in the universe. 
Therefore, you must ensure purchasing an original gemstone online as ruby gemstone assist to achieve the power of command, management quality, grand routine, and spirituality is unparalleled.

And also, wearing ruby will surely improve your personal and professional lives to a greater extend. That’s a reason you are suggested to buy gemstone online for the best results. Furthermore, you also need to scrutinize ruby gemstone price in India so that no one can mislead you while your gemstone jewellery online shopping today!
The ruby or “manikya” is a powerful and mystical gemstone amongst all others, which are associated with astrology or planets. From the ancient era, ruby gemstones are revered as important and influential gemstones with an expensive rate per carat. The certified gemstones own the ability to invalidate the poor effects of cosmic rays and malefic planets present in the birth chart. To get expected results, you are recommended to purchase original gemstone online, whether it’s ruby, emerald, pukhraj, neelam, pearl, or other substitute gemstones. 

Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana offers free online gemstone recommendation to their clients, who want to improve and rejoice individual the upcoming years grandly. Our qualified astrologers and gemstone specialists will suggest gemstones as per your physical or mental needs. And also, will suggest steps ahead of purchasing ruby gemstones online, and most importantly, our experts will guide you with the right ruby gemstone price in India. From our official website, you can also enjoy online gemstone shopping at great offers and cost-effective rates.   

Appearance of Ruby (Manikya) Gemstones

The ruby is a glistening and sparkling gemstone, which is available in several color schemes – intense pink to red, a variety of mineral corundum (aluminum oxide). Other variants of gem-quality corundum are called sapphires. This iconic color scheme of ruby can instantly attract the attention of the clients. The presence of mineral chromium gives it a natural pink to red in color appearance. To buy gemstone online, especially premium-grade ruby gemstones, we would suggest you selecting intense red along with a smooth and sharp cutting shape of a ruby. 
The best quality and certified rubies can offer you vigor virtue, popularity, warmth, and commanding power, which actually choose the status of a person. That’s why it is extremely important to understand original gemstones online whenever you are purchasing rubies or other valuable gemstones. 

Major Benefits of Wearing Rubies

If you’ve a weak and ill-placement of malefic planets like Ketu, Rahu and Shani positioned with the Sun, and if the supreme planet is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house of the horoscope, you are simply recommended to wear ruby (manikya) to get the best results in life. Here are major advantages of wearing ruby gemstones –

  • grow a strong commanding skill in career, 
  • improve ultimate protection against negative energies or evil spirits,
  • stimulates wearer’s navel chakra to eliminate stress and enhances self-confidence, 
  • supports to eliminate stomach-related aids, 
  • ruby gemstone is ideal wearer among politicians, engineers, medicine-related personnel, geology and clothing sectors, 
  • improves your communication skills with partners,
  • get placements in administrative or managerial ranking jobs,   

That’s important understanding ruby gemstone’s structure and cuts ahead of purchasing it at expensive rates –

Ruby is a valuable gemstone among other original gemstones online, and so its structure and cuts can indicate its actual price range, appeal, and clarity. The ruby gemstone’s structure is primarily considered on the ways it is cut and polished. Here we’ve underlined some popular ruby gemstone cuts –

  • Oval-Cut
  • Princess-Cut
  • Cushion-Cut
  • Pear-Cut

Before purchasing and wearing a ruby gemstone, make sure it is certified and marked with premium-grade along with originality is intact as synthetic or artificial gemstones can cause poor effects on your personal or professional well-being. Therefore, you should always make a point to purchase premium-grade rubies via reliable sources. 
Let’s assume you are now well-educated to buy gemstone online at industry-standard rates with us. Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana can offer several options whenever it comes to ruby gemstone price in India and size that match your needs. Ahead of investing in such a costly gemstone, make sure to get its astro suggestions right now!