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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) is an auspicious gemstone, worn to achieve great success in career and personal welfare. This costly gemstone carries understanding and opulence, and also ensures monetary richness and wealth of wearers. If you are wearing a yellow sapphire, you can increase and channelize your creative energy into effective action, and pukhraj gemstone price is much expensive when compared to other natural stones available in the world. 

Yellow Sapphire is associated with vibrations of “Jupiter” that help to stimulate the intellect and enables the wearer to work effectively on innovative ideas and constantly work with all power emanating from Solar Plexus Chakra. Once you choose to buy gemstone online, and especially pukhraj gemstones, you will get options to explore new ideas and ways to open many new possibilities and career paths in life. 

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How To Recognize Original Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)?

Yellow Sapphire  is an expensive gemstone among all-natural gemstones available in the universe, which is made of aluminum oxide (Al 2 O3). The yellow sapphire’s specific gravity is 3.99 to 4.00 and the refractive index range is 1.760 – 1.768 to 1.770 – 1.779. Its hardness is 9 on the moh scale, and pukhraj is the next rigid mineral after the most expensive diamond.

Chemical Composition & Gemological Properties of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj):

Pukhraj is made of aluminum oxide (Al 2 O3) along with specific gravity of 3.99 to 4.00. Let’s check our yellow sapphire’s gemological properties –

  • Color – Dark Yellow, Pale Yellow, All Shades of Yellow, Dark Organish Golden & Greenish Yellow 
  • Chemical Composition – AL 2 O3 (Aluminum Oxide)
  • Density – 3.99 – 4.00
  • Species – Corundum
  • Birefringence – 0.008

Healing Properties of Yellow Sapphire That You Want To Buy Gemstone Online:

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Day: Thursday
  • Cosmic Color: Light Yellow
  • Time: Sunset
  • Chakra: 2nd (Ajna)

Pukhraj’s Jupiter Mantra: “Om Bhrim Brihaspataye Namah” (Repeat 108 Times At The Time of Wearing The Expensive Pukhraj Gemstone)  

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire?

To buy gemstone online or pukhraj, you primarily need to understand its advantages of wearing, which are –

  • Yellow Sapphire will protect wearers against evil powers and provide marital satisfaction to men and women.
  • This expensive gemstone strengthens the wearer’s ability to manage ambiguous situations as an expert.
  • It offers a prosperous groom, conjugal satisfaction, or good career opportunities for women.
  • Yellow Sapphire offers required aids to mouth, cough, rheumatism, skin, and kidney-related ailments. 
  • Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and judgment, which offers prosperity to authors, academicians, and artists.
  • Jupiter influences spiritual inclinations, which are stimulated by pukhraj gemstones to attain greater solace with spirituality. 

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