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Welcome You All To Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana’s Palmistry

Palmistry is a valuable science, which is considered a precious gift of the almighty. This is a sacred art of predicting the future by the lines, fingers, marks, nails, shape, and size of the hand. The hand reading astrology is quite popular nowadays along with other sorts of astrology, such as – card reading, gemstones, and aura. 

There are so many references about palmistry in all sorts of ancient epics like Mahabharata, Bible & Arabic Literature. Also, physicians used to rely upon palmistry to recognize illness, whenever medicines unsuccessful in several cases. Because the hand reading astrology is somewhat upgraded compared to our modern medicines and innovations. There’s even no confusion about palmistry is a conversation of god, which is imperative to read our past, present, and future fates.

Palmistry is extremely important in the field of human physiology, as a certified palmist can clearly identify all conditions of patients by clearing reading the lines of his/ her hands. Whereas, a physician can only recognize illness with the assistance of machines, and sometimes even not succeed in identifying the exact illness to offer aid. Therefore, hand reading astrology services are extremely important along with aura and card reading. Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana offers all sorts of astrology services at cost-effective rates, with a purpose to serve clients with exact solutions. 

Acharya Dhruva is a qualified palmistry specialist, who is now available online to resolve your questions related to marital issues, career predictions, investment plans, educational prospects, and others related to wealth as well as personal wellbeings. His hand reading astrology services are exact to solve your problems, and also you can choose as and when required at affordable rates. To learn more about our palmistry, aura, and card reading astro solutions, you can visit us at Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana

Understating the blueprints (lines of hands) can enable you to access information about your past, present, and upcoming years, and also resolve a wide range of issues related to health, relationships, work, money, and others. Palmistry is incredibly an exact instrument to create self-awareness as analyzing your past, considering your present, and predicting your upcoming events accurately. 


The original purpose of palmistry was personality assessment and counseling of patients. One’s emotional inclinations, conscious awareness, social attitudes, subconscious worries, and inner strength are greatly understandable with certified palm reading. You can make exact predictions with palmistry, as it is a specific mind-body connection, and underline the negative and positive aspects of life. Palmistry can assist you to understand what’s good and negative within you, and also suggest you ways to get rid out of problems. Therefore, you can re-shape your upcoming years in a great way. 

The hand reading astrology is a scientific method of counseling your patients, and offer assistance to achieve ultimate success in professional or personal growth. This field of hand reading is referred to as “Samudrik Shastra”, which means the ocean of proficiency. Acharya Dhurav’s palmistry is a sub-section of oceanic study and specifically compacts with the study of hands. Popularly known KP Kundali Expert, he can predict all your upcoming events to provide exact solutions. KP Astrology is a methodical study of stellar, in which you need to read about stars and nakshastra to accordingly predict events in one’s life.

How Does Palmistry Works?

Palmistry is considered as an energetic process, as your palm reflects your attitudes and working patterns, although it changes very often and increases positive or negative impact within yourself. That’s important to look for both hands during the hand reading astrology, relying upon which palm is more active and in combination with inactive palm, states where you are currently situated and will move in coming years. 

Significance of Left & Right Hand In Palmistry

The importance of both hands cannot be neglected in the field of Palmistry. The left hand is assumed as an individual potential and past while the right palm shows a realistic personality and upcoming years. It’s believed that both the hands signify certain activities of a person and what’s about to come in prospects. Apart from the hands, lines of the hand have their significance in choosing the fate. 

Let’s check what the seven most important marks in our palm represent in astrology –

  • Heart Line: The heart line is situated on the top of the palm under the fingers. This line represents our emotions and mental status.                                   
  • Life Line: The life line is positioned in the palm’s edge above the thumbs proceeding towards the wrist. This life represents an individual personality, physical appearance, vitality, and general wellbeing. The life line also states our major changes and cataclysmic events of life. 
  • Head Line: The head line is positioned at the palm’s edge under the index finger proceeding towards the outside edge. This line states an individual’s mind and the ways it works, which include one’s communication style and intellectualism.                     
  • Marriage Line: This horizontal line is short and situated on the palm’s percussive edge between the heart and bottom of the little finger. This marriage stroke represents close relationships and marital issues related to a person’s wellbeing. 
  • Health Line: The health line is situated underneath the palm near the wrist proceeding towards the little finger. The health-related issues of a person are represented in this line in the hand reading astrology. 
  • Sun Line: This line is positioned under the ring finger that represents popularity or scandal in a person’s life. 
  • Fate Line: The fate line is positioned at the bottom of the palm near the wrist passing through the center of the palm proceeding towards the middle finger. This line interprets individual courses, which include career, obstacles, and success in life. 

The above-mentioned strokes in the palm possess a significant impact on individual past and upcoming years. And so, it is imperative to consult an expert palmist to make a comprehensive study of the lines. The palmistry examinations presently include medical research, which correlates genetic points and abnormalities to the lines of both the hands. 

The following are major aspects palmistry indicates –

  • Innate Conditions: The family background and resources are explained within such a palm reading. 
  • Physical State: This hand reading astrology states the condition of one’s physical circumstances.  
  • Work & Life Status: This discusses relationships amongst parents and colleagues in work.  
  • Fate: This kind explains the outcome and characteristics of an individual.     


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Consider It All Together

Palmistry is a scientific way of reading your past, present, and upcoming activities. As you’re interested in the meanings of hand lines, shapes, mounts, plains, and size, our expert palmist can offer the exact palm reading astro solutions at affordable rates. And so, palmistry is a great option to gain insight into your upcoming activities or success. 

To learn more about a wide range of astrology services, including palmistry, aura, zodiac sign, card reading, marriage prediction, and other astrology services, you can simply visit us at Swabhuti jyotish Sharana to place your questions right now!