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Pearl (Moti) is a very popular gemstone, which is commonly available in oceans and worn as jewellery or natural stone to enjoy astrological advantages. The original pearl stone is smooth, shinning, perfect, and round stone with several astrological properties. The pearl or moti is even used as a soft glamour and attractiveness, which makes it appear extremely stunning. It’s a perfect gemstone of ‘cancer’ zodiac sign people and associated with the planet moon.  The pearl stone represents queen in astrology, “queen of the sea”, and so it offers malefic effect to wearers. This naturally extracted gemstone can enhance the wearer’s personality and outer charisma along with signifies mental stability and psyche. To increase the advantages effects of moon, people are suggested to wear pearl and enjoy gemstone jewellery online shopping. 

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The pearl stone can ensure your mental peace and satisfaction in relationships, which is quite vital in everyone’s wellbeing. An original pearl stone assists to improve relationships with spouses, children, parents, and peers, so if you’ve any problem with a close one, consider wearing a pearl. However, it is always required to consult an expert astrologer ahead of wearing any gemstone. The pearl or moti ratna also symbolizes modesty, emotions, purity, and chastity, and it is even used to gift as jewellery in wedding or anniversaries. 

Origin of Pearl Stones

The pearl or moti ratna is extracted from mollusks and oysters, unlike other expensive gemstones available in the world. These natural gemstones are commonly seen in oceans and generally of two types – natural and cultivated pearls. The natural pearls are indeed assembled accidentally, whereas a cultivated pearl requires the involvement of manpower. 

The pearl gemstone is a symbol of purity and emotion, which represents the planet moon in vedic astrology, and the moon signifies “mother”. This suggests wearing pearls can enhance a good relationship, and especially establishes mother-child good relationships. This priceless gemstone enables to remove the stress of wearers and provides emotion, purity, and passion in the native. To enjoy original gemstone online shopping, you can seek the assistance of Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana for the best help. 

Benefits of Wearing Pearl (Moti)

The natural pearls are produced by oysters, although not all oysters contain pearls. Therefore, natural pearls are rare and quite expansive compared to cultivate pearls. Less than thousands of wild oysters can contain a single pearl, which is priceless and its weight, color as well as the shape will rely upon the nature of oysters. 

The following are major advantages of wearing pearl jewellery –

  • A natural pearl offers positivity among married couples and makes wearer’s strong, successful, and satisfied. 
  • The pearl symbolizes purity and passion in marriage, and also associated with emotions.
  • It offers immense positivity and strength to wearers, and eliminates negativity.
  • The pearl stone makes mother and child relationship cherishing
  • It helps to improve poor marital and parental relationships and enhance affection among the couple,   
  • Pearl is the birthstone of June.   


There are plenty of gemstone jewellery online shopping zones available nowadays, and so readers can enjoy purchasing offline or online pearl jewelries. In case you are strict about purchasing natural pearl or moti ratna to enjoy maximum advantages, you can simply visit our official website to make a certified purchase.