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Bearing special importance in ancient astrology, gemstones are precious stones extracted within natural soil or mineral, which are used since ages to resolve planet-oriented problems. These precious gemstones were earlier used as the pride of rich people to showcase individual wealth and prosperity. And also, gemstones are currently worn amongst everyone as astrologer’s recommendation to attain ultimate success in a personal or professional career. 

To buy gemstone online, which is currently preferred among mass, whether educational instructors, artists, industrialists, or celebrities, everyone is interested in purchasing gemstone jewellery online shopping at cost-effective rates. Therefore, if you are looking for free online gemstone recommendation to get an original gemstone online, you’ve reached the correct place to ensure exact astrological advantages. Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana can offer you with
the right astro suggestion and certified gemstones as per your ‘rashi’ and position of the planets. 

Our team of qualified astrologers specializes in the individual segment – card reading, palmestry, marriage predictions, aura, and certified gemstones to attain your personal as well as professional objectives. As per ancient astrology, wearing the right gemstone can create miracles, and so make sure to choose certified ones while making online gemstone shopping. To buy gemstone online with certificates, you need to visit to enjoy red coral gemstone price, opal gemstone price, emerald to ruby gemstone price at pocket-saving prices. 

Red Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral is a precious and organic gemstone, which is originated in the sea by marine creatures called coral polyps. This is quite a popular astrological gemstone worn to ensure success in various roles, and mainly in administrative roles. Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana can offer you with
market-standard red coral gemstone price along with certificates to ensure you immediate results. 

The red coral gemstone is worn ideally in gold or silver metal, and alternatively, you can wear it with platinum or white gold to enjoy maximum astrological advantages. For best results, you need to choose certified intense red shade coral, and orangey-red shades coral with spotless quality also works great. This precious gemstone will assist wearers to enhance energy, positive among oneself, and overpower enemies as well. 


Opal is an inexpensive gemstone, which is worn to enhance creativity and artistic abilities amongst wearers. Opal can also offer wearer joy, peace, and wealth if it’s worn with the right mantra. Opal helps to have a pleasing personality to wearers, although make sure it suits your rashi prior to wearing it within any astro consultation. That’s why you are recommended to seek our qualified astrologer’s suggestion to ensure expected results. 

Before buying an original gemstone online you must understand, opal promotes the wearer’s security and calmness, and also it is a great remedy to ease stress. This original gemstone also offers complete protection and an amazing shield against negativity and is mainly recommended to pregnant women. Opal is even an effective shield gem, which is associated with emotional support, passion, eroticism, and romance. 


Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine with the chemical composition of Al2SiO4 (D, OH) 2. The topaz gemstone price is quite affordable, and so it is used as a gemstone in jewelry and other ornamentations. Topaz in its natural state is golden to yellow in shade, which appears quite attractive with great astrological advantages. 

Topaz helps to cure, recharge, stimulate, re-motivates, and aligns the meridians of wearers, and also releases energy to where it is most needed. This natural gemstone offers assistance to promote reality and pardon of wearers along with ensures abundance, joy, generosity, and good wellbeings (physical and mental). Topaz is also popular as a gemstone for love & fortune. 


Garnets are a group of silicate minerals, which are in use since the ancient era as abrasives and gemstones with astrological usefulness. Every species of garnet possess similar physical properties and crystal aspects, although vary in chemical composition. The different species of garnets are – almandine, pyrope, grossular, spessartine, andradite, and uvarovite. 

The certified garnet is an energizing gemstone, which is used to manifest purposes and worn as a stone to ensure success in professional growth. Furthermore, garnets can also offer positive energy, protection, and immense self-confidence to wearers. If you are interested in gemstone jewellery online shopping of garnets, you can visit to purchase an original gemstone online at an affordable gemstone price. 

Cat’s Eye (Lahsunya)

The cat’s eye gemstone is named after its prominent resemble the eyes of a cat, is quite an expensive gemstone worn to enhance intellect and wisdom in a person. This intriguing gemstone comes with metaphysical powers, which is immemorial and associated with the planet Ketu. This costly gemstone is mainly worn to eliminate the poor impacts of ill-planets in our existence. 

The cat’s eye gemstone is also popular as ‘vaiduria’, which possesses immense astrological significance and aid to offer peace, wealth, and prospect to wearers. It helps to improve a person’s mental state and wellbeing, along with extreme protection against misfortune. Wearing a cat’s eye as pendant or ring can assist to alleviate the conditions of paralysis or other genetic problems. According to astrology, a cat’s eye gemstone is ideally suggested if you are suffering from the Rahu-Ketu dash. 


Amethyst is a natural gemstone, which offers assistance to relieve stress and strain, soothes irritability, control mood swings, anger, rage, and anxiety. This expensive gemstone also alleviates sadness and grief and softens negativity amongst wearers. This purple-color gemstone even activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition, and enriches the psychic abilities of wearers as well. 

The amethyst gemstone even carries calming and serene energy, which will assist you to unwind and relax mental peace, and also it reduces anxious nerves and restlessness amongst wearers. Amethyst is an ideal crystal to choose while gemstone jewellery online shopping, which can ease your muscles and instantly assist you to sense more relaxation and peace. This purple crystal can even enhance your immune system, improve skin’s appearance, reduces pains, and offers mental peace as well. 

To buy gemstones online or explore more about astrological gemstones as per your zodiac sign, you can visit our official website to encourage online gemstone shopping. Explore a wide range of gemstone jewellery online shopping to attain career growth and success you can simply reach our expert astrologers today!

Gomed (Hessonite)

Gomed (Hessonite) is a gemstone of Rahu. This popular gemstone is available in a light to deep brownish yellow to maroon-ish hues. It’s generally said to resemble the color of cow’s urine or honey; the stone is actually a variant of the garnet. Rahu is considered as a shadow planet, although it’s not a part of the solar system, which is a significant of confusion and wickedness. Gomed neutralizes the bad-effects of Rahu, and so protects the wearer from the negative vibes or energies in life.
This powerful gemstone is worn to calm the mind of wearer and relieves him/ her from depression, deep seated anxieties, mental illness, and enriches concentration to achieve goals in personal and professional career. Therefore, gomed is quite advantageous for students and professionals, who are working the field of research. This honey-colored gemstone also offers professional growth and enriches one’s social and economical status. To encourage peace in the marital life, both husband and wife are recommended to wear a gomed to boost love and harmony. To enjoy gemstone jewellery online shopping of gomed or ruby, contact us as per your convenient.