What Is Vedic Astrology & How It Differs From Western Astrology? (2021)

vedic astrology

If you’re interested in astrology, you’ve indeed mapped your zodiac sign with specific characteristics, upcoming event predictions, unloaded various astro apps, and even searched your astrological compatibility in marriage. And so, you need to understand the point of segregations within vedic astrology and western astrology.

According to an ancient study, astrology is calculated as per the positions of the planets and stars at the moment of birth. With the combination of past and present activities, your astrological chart is an intricate weave of your character and potential selections. Vedic horoscope is also referred to as “kala chakra” or “wheel of time.” And so, your chart is a clock, which shows general guidelines to life. It’s further believed that the planets and stars can create a powerful influence on everyone’s wellbeing.

The vedic astrology was originated in the ancient age, sages written in vedic scriptures. Most people referred to “astrology” as “jyotish vidhya,” which manages astral patterns used to predict upcoming events. In this astrological system, predictions are usually made according to a specific zodiac or nakshatra of the concerned person. However, in western astrology prediction ways aren’t similar and are quite simple and mechanical.

Now, let’s look for how astrology works in person –

Astrology is an ancient science, which is used to predict upcoming events by calculating the movement of celestial planets and stars. And so, vedic astrology reading relies mainly upon astronomy, where astrologers need to understand the exact positions of the planets and stars along with zodiacal star signs concerning any instances or place. After that, the astrologer uses such essential guidelines to prepare an individual chart, which helps predict several aspects of life.

To understand vedic astrology signs compatibility, astrologers need to map your chart along with the position of stars in your zodiac. This ancient astro system is also used to understand oneself and ‘karma chakra,’ as everything is interconnected. And also, it relates to negative and positive energy, which can influence your personal and professional wellbeings. Based on your cosmic planets, energy stages, and your activities, your upcoming events are predicted.

First of all, you need to know that the daily horoscope has no connection with vedic astrology, which is commonly available online and in newspapers to attract the attention of reads. Those sections in the news column adhere to western astrological interpretations, similar to the vedic or ancient astrology system. The daily horoscope usually pays attention to small aspects of practice, and so creating vague and generalized predictions.

Major differences between vedic and western astrologer aren’t recognizable as it relies upon viewing ways of constellations. The vedic astrology comes with a rigorous methodology, which indicates a mysterious connotation. But from an outsider’s viewpoint, an ancient astrology system is as strange and uncertain as voodoo, whereas western astrology is scientific to support against each movement. The vedic astrology also relies upon our interactions with the universe and the way it influences results.

The 12 Vedic Signs

vedic astrology

As similar to western astrology, in the vedic or ancient astrology system, you even need to understand twelve signs. And interestingly, the characteristic of signs are quite similar, which are considered upon similar grades. Therefore, if you are already aware of your western sun sign, continue reading a comprehensive study of vedic signs.

Here are steps to calculate your vedic chart –

  • Aries: Mesha (April 13 – May 14)
  • Taurus: Vrishaba (May 15 – June 14)
  • Gemini: Mithuna (June 15 – July 14)
  • Cancer: Karkata (July 15 – August 14)
  • Leo: Simha (August 15 – September 15)
  • Virgo: Kanya (September 16 – October 15)
  • Libra: Tula (October 16 – November 14)
  • Scorpio: Vrishchika (November 15 – December 14)
  • Sagittarius: Dhanus (December 15 – January 13)
  • Capricorn: Makara (January 14 – February 11)
  • Aquarius: Kumbha (February 14 – March 12)
  • Pisces: Meena (March 13 – April 12)

That’s important to understand your zodiac sign, so you can choose to calculate it according to either vedic or western astrology and get expected results.

How Vedic Astrology Differs From Western/ Psychology Oriented Astrology?

The western astrology is more psychology oriented, whereas vedic astrology relies upon one’s karma or activities. The western astrology chart is mapped on “tropical calendar”, although vedic astrology charts are evaluated using “sidereal system”. And so, it underlines changes and observable constellations in vedic astro, and western astrology’s never considered any changes as it only works with the planet’s permanent positions.

The vedic astrology majorly utilizes unique aspects, such as – planets with special aspects or set of aspects, along with segregated strengths and outcomes. However, every planet in western astrology shares a similar aspect, such as a sextile, square, or opposite. And also, vedic astrology considers your sun sign as more significant than your rising signs. Having the fundamental knowledge of both the type of astrology can assist in easing and relieving stress, along with powers to control emotional situations.

If it’s compared to western methodology, vedic astrology seems upright as it relies more on accurate astronomical principles. That’s also important remembering, planets are moving in the sky as per the “nirayana system”. The vedic astrology not only calculates the natal chart and also the planet’s changing positions and its influences. This ancient astrology system also standards upon moon sign over sun sign, and moon reflects the mind of emotions of individual. Moreover, western astrology considers earth to be the center and the celestial bodies to be revolving around it.

Hence, Vedic astrology is equipped with more precise and scientific ways of predications over modern or western astrology. To be specific, astrology is an incomparable asset to calculate the potential possibilities of lives.

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