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Aura Color Test

Have you ever sensed red with passion and green with greed? And what about you’re sensing good vibes with yellow? Perhaps all the colors are correlated and its nature stimulates, provokes and encourages our emotions. Every color specifies a certain aura, and our certified astrologers will pick it up to read your success or professional growth. What’s your aura and aura color meanings according to your nature?

Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana is an online astrology platform, and we’re journeying across the rainbow to explore aura colors and its meanings. Archarya Vipul Chauhan is our aura specialist, who belongs to the family of renowned astrologers. He is certified and possess years of experience in aura color test, has begun his career in astrology under the guidance of his father. Inspired by his father and ancestors, Archarya Vipul has shown interest in aura color meanings and aura photo scanning to serve clients with individual needs. To explore more about aura colors and its meaning, visit us at to raise your questions.

What Is An Aura Color?

Are you ready to understand your aura color meanings? Take this free aura color test to read out your results.

Aura is an energy (positive or negative), which is categorized with several colors as per our physical scale. Many situations and events can shape an aura, including your mood and emotions. Sometime, you might sense extremely positive or negative as came in close contact with a negative person. And so, you mood swings occur and your emotions get ruined.

Aura is an interesting philosophy, as aura photo scanning will examine the different colors of people and ways it interact with others. That’s right; everyone comes with a unique aura, and with segregate meanings around you. Your aura color can encourage vivid, optimistic, or muted and soft sense.

Significance of Aura Colors

Have you yet uncovered your primary aura color meanings? If your answer is “no”, you can simply scan your aura colors using an aura reader tools to reveal your aura colors significance.

People with red aura are generally ambitious, passionate, grounded, materialistic and impatient. They are even go-getters and are able to complete work successfully, and it also shows physical strength and versatility.

The blue color aura is related to clear communication, expression, education, and creativity. This particular aura signifies intuitiveness and sensitivity, and a person with softness.

The orange aura is related to joy, pleasure, creativity, sensuality and sexuality. This vibrant color is even connected to creativity and shows an expressive and imaginative personality. And so, a person with orange aura is joyful and creative in nature.

The yellow aura is related to mental activities, alertness, communication, media, popularity and concentration. People with yellow aura carry uncontrolled optimism and are similar to magnets.

The feature of purple aura is a strong intuition along with extreme spiritualism and psychic insight. The purple aura is related to inspiration, meditation, artistic abilities and entrepreneurship. And also, mostly spiritual progress or ascension a people with purple aura can make.

The green aura is related to growth, prosperity, new starting, good and reliable wellbeing. People with green auras are gentle, calm, and patients to become healers & teachers.

The pink aura is related to passion and resolution. And so, people with pink auras are soft, gentle, caring and extremely passionate.

Although it is exceptional, some people might’ve white aura. If you’ve a sharp mind aim at perfectionism, your aura is mostly white. The white aura also amplifies your connection to the spiritual and celestial realms.

The black aura is related to negative or exhausting energy. This particular aura makes people sense extremely stressful and negative at work along with interest in meditation or yoga with colorful remedial crystals.

Let’s hope you are now ready to embrace your aura color test and enjoy aura photo scanning with our popular ‘aura reader’ tools.

If you are purchasing an aura reading machine, you will get tools along with it, which is as important as its camera. Because without an aura imaging tools, your aura camera will not perform as it’s expected. The aura tools will read information using an advanced sensor, interpret and make it easily readable and you can easily doing aura color test.

What Are The Benefits Of Aura Reading ?

Our aura reader tools was introduced after years of research and a completed understanding of aura color meanings. Therefore, regular cameras without exact aura tools will just provide an image with cloud of colors over it. That’s why aura reading camera and tools package can assist you to eliminate mistakes. Here are some major importance our aura reading –

  • it offers a clear image of auras and enables you to see all colors properly,
  • it will provide an individual report on your auras along with graphs and explanations,
  • you can get more pleasing advise about your aura colors and suggest changes,
  • it will underline most subtle colors present in your aura and read information on it,
  • it will exactly identify all colors present in your aura and state your aura color meanings;

This top-notch aura tools will also provide information in a very organized manner, which is imperative to make clients understand its meaning and significance.
Once your weakness is recognized, our aura expert will recommend exact cure to strengthen your weak areas and increase positivity within yourself. After a week, aura photo scanning is repeated to validate the efficient of applied remedies. The aura reader tools can even indicate weak areas and presence of subtle energy around a person.
To get a clear idea about your aura colors or interested in aura reader tools, mail us at to contact our astro experts as per your needs.